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Historic News:

Legal Clinic Catches Customer's Eye 3/15/1978

Original Legal Fees 1978

Legal Clinics Ad 3/22/1978

Lawyers, too, now advertising 3/22/1978

Lawyer Pushes Low-Cost Legal Aid 1978

Lawyer asks OK to use ads on radio 8/4/1978

Fire Guts Apollo Shopping Center - Labor Day Weekend, 1978

Law Firm Lost in Fire September 1978

Relocation after the Fire September 1978

After the Fire, an Open Letter 09/20/1978

Court Disallows Radio Ads for Lawyer 1978

Legal Clinic Asks for Radio Advertising after Fire 10/4/1978

Lawyers Cant Buy Radio Advertising 10/11/1978

Lawyers Hope to Take to the Air with Ads 1979

Legal Clinics Use High-Volume Dealing to Reduce Costs 1979

Lawyer tries to halt delivery of phone books 1979

Latest Telephone Directory Listings Don't Suit Attorney 1/15/1980

Lawyer complains phone books got him wrong again 1/15/1980

Most Attorneys Don't Advertise 1980

Legal Clinic Strives for Service with a Smile 3/2/1980

Parents File Flute Suit

Creditor Returns 10-year-olds Flute

Legal Clinic opens office in Dover 2/3/1981

Legal Clinic asks for radio and tv ads

Herrmann asks for review of lawyers' ads 3/4/1982

Lawyers' Ad Campaign Axed Again

Lawyers adopt supermarket idea

The Legal Clinic Ad

Bankruptcy Seminar Counsels Creditors November 1982

Law Firm Expands Again April 1985

Pioneering Legal Advertisor Now Has Ample Company 8/5/1988

Eric Doroshow co-authors Legal Advertising and Neighborhood Law Offices, a chapter in the book Delaware Bar in the 20th Century

Tenants hit by flood discuss legal action 1989

A firms' grasp

Legal Woes-Check your mailbox

Realtors, Law Firm annouce Dover expansions

DE Law Moves into its 2nd Decade 3/30/1992

Doroshow opens law office in Bear 10/15/1992

Doroshow begins DTLA Presidency 9/12/1994

Doroshow Law Celebrates 20th Anniversary October 1998

Guest Statute Doesnt Bar Minors Suit 7/22/1999

Doroshow opens office in Millsboro 8/25/1999

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