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April 2018: Injured workers should consider third party claims

March 2018: Opioid Crisis- America Fights Back

February 2018: Forced Arbitration Can Silence Victims

January 2018: What happens when self-driving cars collide?

December 2017: 2017, a year in big reversals to the rights of the consumer

November 2017: Medication Errors on the Rise, but They Can Be Prevented

October 2017: A Home Sweet Home is a Safe Home

August 2017: Justice Awards

July 2017: Beware the Insurance Company Three D’s: Delay, Deny, Defend

June 2017: Adults are Key to Preventing Playground Injuries

May 2017: Bikers, Walkers Threatened By Increase In Distracted Driving

April 2017: Nursing Home Abuse

March 2017: Proposed legislature on medical malpractice and nursing home abuse may hurt your family

February 2017: Traffic deaths on the rise

January 2017: Oversharing online can cost you your job, and more.

December 2016: Top Safety and Justice Stories

November 2016: Four Steps to a Food-Safe Thanksgiving – and Beyond

October 2016: Opioid abuse soars with drug company profits

September 2016: You Should Know; Asbestos Still a Killer

August 2016: Justice Served Hero Awards

July 2016: Older Motorcyclists Suffering More Road Fatalities.

June 2016: Has legalizing marijuana caused an increase in accidents, injuries and death?

May 2016: Forced Arbitration-Your Rights Under Attack

April 2016: Distracted Driving Still on the Rise, Especially Among Teens

March 2016: Will your Auto Insurance Be There When You Need it the Most?

February 2016: Movies, Super Bowl 50 and Concussions

January 2016: Unregulated E-cigarettes Mask Hidden Dangers

December 2015: 2015 Top Safety and Justice Stories

November 2015: Protecting Yourself and Your Guests When Hosting a Holiday Party

October 2015: Make Staying Home Safer for Elderly Relatives and Friends

September 2015: Common Household Products that Can Put You and Others at Risk

August 2015: Heroes Step Up to Protect the Health and Safety of All Americans

July 2015: Roads a Deadly Hazard for ATVers

June 2015: Is This Your Car? Your Right and How to Avoid a Lemon

May 2015: Dog Bites Can Be Prevented With Better Education

April 2015: Popular Medical Devices Escape FDA Scrutiny

March 2015: Know Your Employment Rights

February 2015: Auto Safety Crisis Spurs Record Year of Recalls

January 2015: To Uber or Not to Uber? Ridesharing Faces Controversy

December 2014: Parents Cheat Sheet for Buying Video Games

November 2014: Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

October 2014: Our Veterans Deserve Their Benefits

September 2014: “Tort Reform” Threatens Our Constitutional Liberties

August 2014: Courageous Americans Turn Grief Into Action

July 2014: More Kids Left in Hot Cars

June 2014: Guide to Grilling Fun and Safety

May 2014: Family’s Search for Answers Uncovers Fatal Flaw in GM Cars

April 2014: Women Alert to Harmful Drugs

March 2014: Assisted Living Not Always Safe

February 2014: America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

January 2014: Medical Errors are Third Leading Cause of Death

December 2013: Shopping For Safe Toys

November 2013: Oversharing Online Can Cost You Your Job

October 2013: Truck Accidents on the Rise

September 2013: Five Common Mistakes to Avoid with Child Safety Seats

August 2013: Tragedies Inspire Citizen Crusades to Let America Know

July 2013: Nine Tips on Kids Safety and the Big Three Summertime Injuries

June 2013: Prepare for Severe Weather Before Disaster Strikes

May 2013: Bike Safety Tips for Adults

April 2013: Ruling May Leave You Vulnerable to Unsafe Generic Drugs

March 2013: Elderly Abuse a Growing Concern in Aging America

February 2013: Vulnerable Homeowners Fall Prey to Foreclosure Fraud

January 2013: Safety, Cost Challenges to Child Care

December 2012: Dangerous Toys



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